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23Jun, 15

Landlords will sometimes ask if they can simply change the locks on their deadbeat tenants. I have to very quickly advise the landlord not to do that, or else. Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law ยง 711 states that “[a] tenant … shall not be removed from possession except in a special proceeding.” In instances ... more

1Apr, 15

New York is a very tenant-centric state. Despite the frustration of landlords in Western New York, it makes sense when one remembers that apartments and flats are the main abode of people in New York City, where a majority of the state’s population lives. There is often great confusion about what a rent strike is. ... more

8Mar, 15

Last month, the Buffalo News published a warning by the Erie County Clerk that an out-of-state company was mailing solicitations to recent property-purchasers, offering them a certified copy of their deed for a fee. The fee is oftentimes vastly higher than the statutory fee to receive a certified copy of your document from the Clerk’s ... more

16Feb, 15

Making the rounds on the internet recently was a story of a viral video featuring an attorney in Florida rolling through a DUI checkpoint in that state with a sign on his window stating he wished to remain silent, refusing to consent to any searches, and that he wanted to speak to an attorney. It ... more