Civil Litigation

Our justice system was designed as a neutral forum for the resolution of disputes. Do you need to press your rights in court? Whether it is small claims in a town or village justice court, or complex litigation in the New York State Supreme Court, the Law Offices of Joshua Dubs, PLLC has experience litigating matters from both the plaintiff’s side and the defendant’s side.

A civil lawsuit is designed to compensate you for a monetary loss you’ve suffered. Maybe your landlord won’t return your security deposit, though you left your apartment spotless. Maybe a vendor you’ve done business with will not honor your contract. When situations like this find you, contact an attorney who will vigorously fight to see to it that you are compensated.

Or perhaps you find yourself a defendant in a lawsuit. If that is the case, do not attempt to negotiate a settlement without first ensuring that your rights are being respected. Do not file an answer without first exploring what defenses you may have.

Contact Attorney Joshua Dubs for a free consultation, to see what rights and options you have.