Do you own rental property in Western New York? The Law Offices of Joshua Dubs, PLLC can help you in several ways.

Does your lease give you all of the protections and rights you need as a landlord? A properly drafted lease can ensure that, if anything should happen between you and your tenant, that you have all possible options available to you. Don’t find out too late that your cookie-cutter lease doesn’t help you! Contact Attorney Joshua Dubs to see if he can help you craft an ironclad lease agreement.

Do you own multiple properties? Owning multiple rental properties can have serious liability consequences. Contact Attorney Joshua Dubs to see what options are available to limiting your liability on your properties.

Is your tenant behind on the rent? Tenants have many rights in court, and in many cases have legal aid attorneys available to help them fight an eviction petition. Hiring an experienced attorney who knows the ins and outs of eviction proceedings can make a world of difference. If you have a deadbeat tenant and want to evict, contact Attorney Joshua Dubs for a free consultation on effectively and efficiently pursuing an eviction.

Please note, tenants seeking advice will incur a $20 consultation fee.