Probate/Estate Administration

Have you recently lost a loved one? Whether your loved one had a Will or not, settling his or her final affairs can be a trying experience. The Law Offices of Joshua Dubs, PLLC can help you navigate the complicated world of Probate and Estate Administration with compassion and understanding.

Will my loved one’s estate need to go to probate? That depends on whether or not there are any assets which are only accessible by the deceased. If your loved one owned any real estate, or had any bank accounts, or any stocks which were in his or her name alone, then yes, you will have to petition for the Court’s assistance to get control of those assets.

I’ve been receiving all of these bills for my loved one, what do I do with them? The debts of your loved one will have to be paid. However, most companies will understand that your loved one has passed and will frequently forgive late fees or finance charges while the matter is probated. If you do not feel comfortable negotiating with the companies, your attorney can handle this for you.

Will it be expensive? The costs and fees associated with probating your loved one’s estate is typically considered an expense of the estate. Therefore it is not an expense that you bear personally, even if you were nominated as the executor of the estate.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, you should contact Attorney Joshua Dubs for a free consultation. He will walk you through the entire process, answer any of your questions, and quote you a fee before you formally retain him, so that there are no surprises.